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Modular Seating

Modular Seating

Teknion – Leverage

Leverage® makes it easy to customize the office, allowing you to specify the desired level of features for each workspace in order to meet diverse needs while achieving a crisp, clean look at an affordable price.


AIS – Oxygen

The AIS Oxygen Bench system provides unparalleled aesthetic and functional flexibility for customers that aspire for a modern, open workplace environment. Bringing both form and function to the workplace, it is as high-tech and multi-functional as it is stylish. From open, collaborative spaces to more private environments, Oxygen is designed to meet the demands of any workplace. Engineered for the way you work today, and designed to adapt to you in the future, Oxygen meets the needs of a diverse and ever-changing work environment.


Global Total Office – Divide

Conquer the task at hand with Divide, a modular desk-mounted panel system that can be added to most Global desk series. The panels can be vertically stacked and are available as laminate panels, fabric tackboards, and glazed panels.

A divide is easy to specify with so many sizes and panel finish options. Depending on office needs, individual work areas can be created to be semi-private using glazed panels or visually private using laminate and fabric panels.

For maximum worksurfaces, Divide offers a built-in accessory rail for the most accessible desktop items. Everything from pens, paper clips, binders and file folders can be neatly organized ABOVE the work surface, leaving a clean desktop for current tasks and paperwork.



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